Five Years


Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I *heart* aRiZoNa

There are many reasons I love Arizona are my current top four

#1 - My husband, of course!  Now, I know this picture was taken at the family reunion and not Arizona, but look at that face!  =)  I love him

#2 - Arizona has amazing sunsets in the summer.  When the storm clouds build and the sun word.

#3 - As mentioned in #2, we get some nice storm clouds here in the summer.  Now, I have yet to see a real storm this year, but I've seen some pretty great makings of a storm!

#4 - Last but not least, one of my best friends is HERE in AZ for TWO WEEKS!  Yes, that's right.  Ladies and gentlemen, new to the Hunsaker blog, introducing Keira Sean Hofeliiiiiiiiiing!  Please, hold the applause.

Life is wonderful =) and so much fun!  SMILE

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer time = Vacation time

It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted!  The Saturday after we moved into the house, Darren, Matt, Coby (his nephew) and myself started our trip up to Utah for the Ream Family Reunion.  Our first stop...Vegas!

Upon arriving in Las Vegas Saturday night, we went straight to the hospital to visit Darren's mom, Chris.  I was excited - I hadn't seen her since two weeks after this all happened!  I was looking forward to seeing the progress first hand.  Also, Coby, her grandson, had never seen her so he was thrilled.  She was wide awake when we got there and in a great mood.  She kept laughing with everything Darren and Matt had to say.  She tried to mouth a few things now and again, but I was only able to pick up on the last word or so...which was kind of pointless.  It was incredible to see the improvements made - from where she was a week after it happened to where she is now can only be described in one word.  A miracle.

After church on Sunday, before heading to Utah, we stopped by again.  Chris wasn't as responsive that afternoon, but my guess is she was really tired.  She smiled a few times for us and laughed when Darren decided to make Matt's hospital gown into a short tight dress - silly boys...

Monday night was the reunion at a lodge near Roosevelt, Utah.  It was a blast!  Darren went fishing every day, multiple times, and I got to hold baby Caroline nearly the whole three days =).  Aunt Rene and Colleen did a wonderful job planning the reunion.  My favorite part was paintballing (where I got a nasty welt/bruise) and playing soccer in the rain!  It was a great vacation with family.

After the reunion, we got to visit Darren's good friend Aaron, his wife and son, in Vernal, Utah.  Last we saw them was at our wedding and even then, we didn't really have much time to visit.  Thanks Marcee and Aaron for having us!  It was a lot of fun - we got to see the behind the scenes part of a movie theater.  Super neat.

Friday and Saturday, we were back in Provo where RAINA came!  Yes, one of my roommates and best friends from Idaho - whom I hadn't seen in nearly a YEAR - came to Provo!  It was a lot of fun seeing her.  We walked around the 4th of July fair, took a nap at the park, walked around Big 5, and then finished the night off with an amazing firework show at Stadium of Fire.  Thanks so much for coming to spend time with us, Raina!

Sunday, we drove home - a LONG drive!  We stopped in Vegas of course, and stopped by to visit Chris.  She wouldn't open her eyes - Sheldon said she hadn't in awhile.  Probably tired...but she smiled and squeezed Darren's hand a few times - overall a great visit.  We got back to AZ late that night and crashed immediately! What a trip...

Here's a video of Chris's progress a few days after we saw her.  To put it into perspective, when this all happened, she had absolutely no control in her arms.  She couldn't lift them, squeeze her hands, nothing.  This clip is of her doing some simple tasks showing the movement she's obtained.  A miracle.

Thanks again for all your prayers on her behalf!  They're being heard.