Five Years


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So..Christmas has officially come and gone.  And it was great!!

Christmas Eve was spent with the Hunsaker's.  We had dinner at Steve's house and then put on a nativity with the kids.  It was fun being able to relax and chat with family.  And the nativity was way cute.  Baby Jesus (Luke) was even quiet throughout the whole thing!  Once we got home that night, the "South Pole Christmas Elves" dropped by some pajamas that were very comfortable.  Then it was off to bed so Santa could come ;)

Christmas morning was fun.  As fun as it can be with three adults...As you see below, Matt and Darren LOVE their helicopters.  It was fun opening all the gifts and seeing what everyone got.  Then we had a yummy Christmas breakfast - pancakes, eggs, and ham.

After our little Christmas morning, we stopped by Nate and Lalani's to see what their kids got, and then at Steve and Michell's.  I got to ride a scooter!  But Samuel beat me, of course.  Little speed racer...

Our final destination for Christmas was my parents.  We had dinner at Mom's, open gifts, and played games.  Dinner was delicious, of course.  The gift part was fun.  The kids loved getting to open more presents from Nonna and Papa.  Darren and I got a beautiful picture of the temple for our wall.  That was one of my favorite gifts, I think.

The BEST part of the night was when we played "Just Dance".  It's a Wii game that Kylee got for Christmas.  It was so much fun!  And such a workout..I tried to post a video on here but it wouldn't work..but they're on facebook!

So that was our Christmas.  It was great - filled with family.  I love this time of year and the time spent with those I love.  Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year by FAR!  I hope you guys had a great Christmas as well.  =)