Five Years


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Year Older And Wiser Too!

It's my favorite person's birthday today =)
He's so goofy, I love it
I'm so happy he was born!
He's my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him
So for Darren's 29th are 29 amazing things about my husband!

1.  He loves me
2.  He's a great help around the house with the cooking and cleaning
3.  He's my best friend
4.  He always supports me and lifts me up
5.  He has faith in me
6.  He has an amazingly strong testimony
7.  He takes his church calling very seriously and tries his hardest to do all he can
8.  He's willing to serve at any time
9.  He'll drop anything for his (and my) family
10.  He loves children
11.  He's always willing to help out when I volunteer us to babysit my nieces and nephews
12.  He's amazing at putting little babies to sleep, it's so cute
13.  He's just as excited as I am to one day become parents
14.  He's a worthy priesthood holder that's always willing to give me a blessing
15.  He's funny!  Can always make me laugh
16.  He's a VERY hard worker
17.  He's willing to do anything to support us
18.  He works 12 hour days with 3 hours of church on top of that and doesn't complain, just gets up and does it the next day
19.  He's handsome!
20.  He makes me feel special
21.  He listens to me when I need to talk
22.  He LOVES his mother
23.  He calls my mom "mom"
24.  He'll watch endless "Friends" with me, and "Grey's Anatomy"
25.  He puts up with my country music 90% of the time, rarely does he ask to put something else on even tho he's not a huge country fan
26.  He teases me, I love it =)
27.  He supports me in my calling and all that it requires of me
28.  He's going to make a wonderful daddy someday
29.  He's AMAZING in every way shape and form.  I love him =)
Happy Birthday, Darren Wesley!