Five Years


Thursday, April 28, 2011


That's what time needs to do.  Slow down!  I feel like the last week or so has been on fast forward and I'm ready for it to slow down so I can catch up. 

So...last weekend we went to Vegas to visit Darren's family.  It was a packed weekend but it was fun.  Friday was spent shopping, dying eggs, and hanging out with family.  We stayed with Darren's cousin's family, they're great!  Nicolette LOVED Darren.
Cute, huh?
Also, I attempted to dye eggs with a silk tie.  Here's how they turned out.
Kinda neat.  But a LOT of work!
Saturday, we had niece Faith's baptism, new niece Dakota's baby blessing, and nephew Kyle's eagle court of honor.  Busy!  But it was the first time since I've been a Hunsaker that we have ALL been together.
A big bunch, huh!  Love it =)
Do they look happy or what =D
So that was the weekend.  We headed home on Easter Sunday, which happened to also be Darren's birthday.  Happy birthday Darren!  Anyway, our drive home turned out to be quite an adventure...  You see, Nate and us left a little later than everyone else (we made quite a few stops on the way out to say bye to people).  We were maybe 20 miles outside of Wickenberg when all of the sudden the highway was a parking lot.  Everyone was stopped and roaming around the street.  No cars were coming from the other direction either.  There had to be a car crash a mile or so ahead of us.  There were no cars coming from the other direction it had to of been bad.  Also, it had just happened.  No police, ambulance, or helicopter was in site.  After a few minutes of sitting there, Nate and us decided to turn around.  We weren't going to get home waiting we decided to take Bagdad Road to Congress, AZ, then drop down to Wickenburg and continue on.  Well...about 30 minutes down Bhagdad, our fuel light came on.  Dun dun see, we were planning on stopping for gas in Wickenburg because it's cheaper so we didn't fuel in Vegas.  Problem!  So we looked at our GPS and saw that the closest gas station was in Skull Valley.  We headed that way...and when we got to the gas station, this is what we saw.
For reals!  Haha, it was hilarius.  Best part, there was a sign on the gas station that said "Closed from April 18th-May 3rd.  If you need gas, call Ryan at 623-555-5555".  Serious?  Who closes a gas station for 2 weeks!  So before calling Ryan, we tried the fire station.  No we called Ryan and he was a half hour away so he sent us to his dad's house.  His dad was way nice and gave us 2 gallons of gas and some snickers bars.  He was great.  So we had enough gas to get to Prescott!  There, we filled up and ate some dinner and headed home.  Our 5 hour drive turned into an 8 hour drive...what an adventure!
So that was our Easter weekend, it was a lot of fun!  How was your Easter?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 17: An Art Piece

I'm not an art person...not when it comes to visual arts.  I don't understand most art.  I look at something most would consider art and say things like "My 2 year old niece could do that..".  Paintings, those types of things, I don't understand.  What I do understand is music.  Music is an art, just not what people first thing of when they hear the word 'art'.  So here's an art piece that I absolutely love.  Well, there are two.

The first piece of music that came to mind is an amazing piano piece.  I couldn't find a video of it so in order to hear it, please go to  You want to hear this!  A song will start playing once you get to that page.  It's amazing....goosebumps every time.

Another goosebumps song is the following.
Have I mentioned how much I love music?

What kind of art do you like?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 16: A Song That Makes You Cry

Lets face it.  A lot of songs make me cry for a lot of different reasons.

There's the sad song.  Concrete Angel by Martina McBride.  This song makes me cry sad tears.  I remember when it came out...such a great song, but so sad!  Oh, and I absolutely love the music video.  That little boy is adorable!
My second sad song is mixed with a happy song.  "The Little Girl" by John Michael Montgomery.  I like the message.  I can't get a good video of if it so you can look it up if you haven't heard it before...  Also, "Alyssa Lies" by Jason Michael Carroll
Next is the "how cute" cry.  It's called "I Loved Her First" by Heartland.  Such a cute daddy/daughter song.
Here's another song that makes me cry.  Haha, I didn't relize I cried so easily!  I love music...  This one is called "I'll Walk" by Bucky Covington.  Okay, I'm done now!
What song makes you cry?

I more.  This one is a song about the tender mercies of the Lord.  The little things that happen and can change your life...things as simple as a phone call to a friend.  It's called "The Call" by Matt Kennon. I hope I am living close to the spirit so Heavenly Father can work through me and I can touch the lives of others.
Okay, NOW I'm done =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 15: A Person You Admire

So for my day 15, instead of doing a person, I am going to broaden it a bit.  Chances are 90% of people reading this fall into this category.

I admire mothers.  My mother, my mother in law, my older sisters, my aunts, my friends, ladies in my ward, the mother pushing her child at Target, mothers everywhere.  Those I admire most are mothers.

I can't speak from experience just yet, but being a mother can't be the easiest thing.  Children get into trouble, get hurt, throw tantrums in the middle of the store, make messes, and a whole lot of other things.  Yet...a mother never stops loving her child.  I'm sure it's an everyday challenge to raise children, but mothers everywhere are doing it every day.  It's not always easy, but I'm sure it's very rewarding.
I'm not a mother yet, but you can be sure I am anxiously looking forward to that day.  There are so many things I can't wait to experience as a mother.  That being said, when that time comes, I hope I'll be able to savour every day.  So for now, I'm looking forward to the day I see two lines instead of one.
Mothers.  I admire every mother out there that goes through everyday struggles that come with raising children.  I admire the lady at Target that has the screaming kid.  I admire the lady at church attempting to keep her children still during sacrament.  I admire the choice these ladies have made to be a mother.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 14: A Vacation You Would Like To Take

Vacation...what a wonderful thought.  For those that don't know me super well, here's a little Emily fact.  I love the thought of traveling.  I love the thought of going places, doing all these wonderful things, but when it comes down to it, I'm a home body.  I go somewhere...and after 2 or 3 days, I'm ready to be home.  I wish I wasn't like that...I've had some wonderful opportunities to go to places most dream about going.  And what happens?  I want to go home a few days later...and as much as I try to enjoy a long vacation, I just want to be home.  Pathetic...I almost feel bad because I've been a lot of places and want to go home when there's people that save and save just to go on a trip I got to go on for free.  That being said, my favorite vacation would have to be a cruise.  I've been on a cruise twice and I absolutely love it!  Also, I don't get sick of it after 2 days.  Maybe because I'm staying in the same place and not driving all around the coast of Italy.  So it feels like I'm more at home?  I don't know.  But a vacation I would LOVE to take would have to be...
An Alaskan Cruise.  How awesome would that be?  To have the luxury of a cruise ship, all the food you can eat, so much to do, and to be able to see the amazing sites in Alaska.  Then there's also those times you get off the ship and all the amazing things you get to do then...I would LOVE it.  It's basically my dream vacation.  Well, it doesn't have to be Alaska but as long as it's a cruise somewhere I've never been before, I'm in!

Too bad my "vacation" time is being spent on Trek and Girls camp.  Guess my dream vacation will have to wait =P

What's a vacation you would love to take?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

A guilty guilty

First comes the...
Crushed ice!


That's right.  I am in love with Dr. Pepper.  It's bad, I know.  One day I'll think about quitting.  But for now, I'll just indulge.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding (or was played)

Wedding song...hmm...I have two answers for this.  But first, it starts with a story.

Darren and I struggled finding a wedding song.  So it came down to an hour before the reception...sitting in my sisters room flipping through my iPod looking for a song to dance to.  Pathetic, right?  ;)  Here comes my first answer.  While flipping through my iPod, one song popped into my head and I wanted that song.  That song is "From Here to Eternity" by Michael Peterson (song 5 on my blog).  I have this song, I bought it on iTunes.  I love this song.  But...for some wasn't on my iPod, and to this day, I don't know how it's on my computer but not iPod.  That makes no sense!  I was a little sad...  So that song was out.  And again, still crunched with time, we flipped through every song in the book and decided on "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams.
Traditional, huh?  I love that song, and it was perfect.
I love music.  Love love LOVE music...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 11: A photo taken of you recently

So...I've realized this past week that pictures aren't taken of me very often.  Like...rarely...  The most recent picture would have to be one taken at mutual a few weeks ago of me and one of my girls, but I don't have that picture.  So...going past that, the next one I can think of would be from the Valentines dance.  Darren and I were asked to chaperone the stake dance with our friends the Adair's.  It was fun!  Well, here it is, ladies and gents!
Later that evening, I had to snag a picture with some of my girls!  They didn't approve of the first one (so don't tell them it's up here) so we had to take two.  Love it!
So there you have it.  It's April and the most recent picture of me was taken mid February...