Five Years


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I'm not a fan.  I can't even pick a place for lunch most days.  How am I supposed to make BIG decisions that MATTER?  This would be so much easier if I knew the outcome of each scenario...unfortunately that's not how life works
I don't know what to do...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I can't believe it'll be October in a few short days.  Serious?  Dang!  Well, besides the Ream Reunion, Darren and I didn't do a whole lot this summer.  Our days were filled with work, our nights spending time together.  We did have one opportunity to watch baby Taycie for a few days =).  That was a blast!  Sorry to all my other nieces and nephews, but Taycie is probably (not even probably...seriously) Darren's favorite.  She's the perfect baby.  She wakes up smiling, falls asleep instantly, and is SO stinking cute!  We love getting to steal her any chance we get.  Alright, watch out.  This post is about to be blasted with pictures of this cutie!
The first morning, while I was getting ready for the day, she laid there like this...and didn't move...for like 5 minutes.  It was so cute
She's so little!
Isn't that how you watch TV?
Such a happy little girl =)
Anyway, we had her near the end of July.  Then in April, it was Darren's turn for surgery!  He has always had some nose issues.  He's congested a lot and can't breathe all that well at night.  He went to an ENT and learned he had a severely deviated septum (and a whole bunch of other stuff).  So in August, he got that fixed.  The surgery went well and he bounced back pretty quick!  Just had to take it easy for a week, which for Darren, wasn't easy.  But worth it!  He can breathe a lot better now =)
Just waking up from surgery.  He wasn't all loopy like I hoped so no funny stories to share
The next few days were spent like this.  Gotta love the gauze taped under his nose.
See?  He still loves having Taycie over after surgery!
Anyway, there's another update.  He and I are both doing well, so hopefully we're done with surgery for awhile ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ream Reunion

So I was going to write this big long post about the summer but I'm going to break it down.  So...Here's post 1!
I haven't posted in 2 months...whoops!  I can't believe it'll be September in a few days - that just seems nuts to me.  Summer didn't really feel like a summer to me...  It's different when you don't get to take the time off.
In June, we had the Ream Family Reunion.  (Darren's mom is a Ream).  It was at the same place we had last time, an amazing cabin in Altamont, UT!  It's a huge place that can almost fit everyone.  This year, they had to rent a second cabin down the street.  That's where we slept, it was a super nice cabin too but we didn't spend much time their beyond sleeping.  It was on a lake so Darren got to fish every morning before I woke up which he enjoyed.  Anyway, here's the rundown in pictures!

These two are inseperable.  It's cute =) best cousin friends
There's a little pond in front of the big cabin and it's FULL of crawdads.  These kids spent HOURS outside sticking jerky in the water and pulling out crawdad after crawdad.  Gross...
Love these little girlies =)
Caroline in her bootie shorts!  Last reunion, this girl was 4 months old and I got to hold her the whole time =)
I just love Luke's hair in this picture so I had to add it.  That little guy is so stinkin' cute!
So...the only picture of me from this year's reunion, I am sleeping.  And...last year, same thing!  I promise I did more than sleep ;)
Alright...I couldn't find a picture of Darren.  I promise he was there!'s a picture from the drive UP to the reunion.  We made a quick stop in Monticello Utah to see their temple.
Next post...Taycie time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Camp

Girls Camp was done on a Stake level this year, which was absolutely WONDERFUL.  Last year because of Trek, the ward was in charge of everything.  This year, life was SO much easier.  Our job as a ward was a few certification things and keeping tabs of the girls at camp.  I lucked out and got a GREAT camp director, thanks for all your help Steph!

Anyway, the theme this year was S.T.A.N.D. (Stand Tall and Never Doubt).  I had been looking forward to camp for awhile, but last minute...that surgery thing came up.  When I had my first appt, my doctor said, "How does your Friday look?"  I said "Well...I already have work off for camp.  Guess I have work off for surgery instead...".  Let me tell you, I was bummed I didn't get to go!  But I still was able to see the girls off Thursday morning.  Bright and early...
All loaded and ready to go =)
I still got some souveneers
I love my ward

Friday, June 22, 2012

A cut here, a stitch there some of you know, if not most...I had surgery last Friday.  I have what's called Endometriosis.  It was a simple procedure that couldn't have gone better.  They found 4 spots of endometriosis, got rid of it, and sent me on my way.  Hopefully this is the answer we've been looking for - fingers crossed!
All hooked up and ready to go
Right after

Recovery went really well.  I was up about about Saturday night, was just a little sore and slow moving.
We went to PF Changs for Father's Day.  My dad's pretty awesome...

Darren was AMAZING through all of this!  Poor guy got pretty bored on Friday when all I did was sleep and he just had to sit there...all day...  He's a trooper.  Also, he was up super early Saturday morning (because we were so bored we went to bed SO early on Friday haha), had gone to the store, gotten me some Gatorade, snacks, beautiful flowers, and was basically done with all the laundry before I was even out of bed!  He's fantastic, he made sure I got all the rest I needed.
So pretty!  He knows how to pick out amazing flowers
At dinner
Now, a week later, I basically can do all the moving I want (just can't do a back bend or anything, not that I could before...), I'm just a little bruised. 

BTW, this is my 100th post.  Only took me nearly 3 years ;)

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I love her
Like....seriously, I love this little girl.

Darren and I got to babysit her Sunday to Monday and it was so much fun.  If our kids are half as good as she is, we'll be SUPER lucky.

She's so cute...I mean, LOOK AT HER!

Love my Taycie baby =)  Can't wait to have you for a weekend in July

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Month, Another Wedding!

Last month, both Keira and my cousin Fressia got married (not on the same weekend thank goodness).  This month, my best friend from California, my oldest (not in age, but in how long we've known each other) friend, Riley got married!  She and Adrian had been dating for nearly 2 years and had been engaged for 9 months!  Now, 9 months may not seem crazy for some of you, but this is a Mormon engagement.  9 months is VERY long of most Mormons haha.  Anyway, last weekend was Riley's wedding.  They got sealed on Friday the 27th and then had a ring ceremony and reception on Saturday the 28th.  Last Thursday morning, Kennan (Ry's sis), Soorin (Ry's fams exchange student), and Sandra all flew into Mesa from BYU-I.  Mom and I picked them up from the airport and headed straight to Palm Desert.
Darren was planning on coming along and was really excited about it...but the night before we left, he was up all night sick.  So...unfortunately he got left behind to rest and get well, which he did!
Riley's wedding was a blast!  The sealing was wonderful - her grandfather got to perform the sealing which was really neat.  Lucky Ry!
The happy couple coming out of the temple.  Aren't they so cute together?
After the ceremony, I played with Caiden at the park.  My nephew is so stinkin' adorable...

So...I was a bridesmaid and the ceremony/pictures/all the fun stuff was on Saturday.  Well, Friday I spent a lot of time outside (the park, the temple, etc).  So...because I'm Emily, my face decided to react to the outside world.  This kind of stressed me out.  I was a bridesmaid and was going to be in a lot of pictures and my chin was all red and swollen!  So on Saturday, I iced it in the morning, then right before the picture taking began, I put make-up over my red chin.  Then I just didn't touch or scratch my chin the rest of the night and it worked!  You could barely tell, which was what I was worried about.  My chin was killing me..but at least it wont really show up in pictures.
Jeanny did our hair and she did a great job.  And the dresses were so cute!  Here are some more pictures from Jeanny's phone.
Half of the bridesmaids
Evan even made it to the wedding all the way from Argentina!
Fun weekend.  Congrats, Riley and Adrian!  Hope you have a wonderful eternity together =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Year Older And Wiser Too!

It's my favorite person's birthday today =)
He's so goofy, I love it
I'm so happy he was born!
He's my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him
So for Darren's 29th are 29 amazing things about my husband!

1.  He loves me
2.  He's a great help around the house with the cooking and cleaning
3.  He's my best friend
4.  He always supports me and lifts me up
5.  He has faith in me
6.  He has an amazingly strong testimony
7.  He takes his church calling very seriously and tries his hardest to do all he can
8.  He's willing to serve at any time
9.  He'll drop anything for his (and my) family
10.  He loves children
11.  He's always willing to help out when I volunteer us to babysit my nieces and nephews
12.  He's amazing at putting little babies to sleep, it's so cute
13.  He's just as excited as I am to one day become parents
14.  He's a worthy priesthood holder that's always willing to give me a blessing
15.  He's funny!  Can always make me laugh
16.  He's a VERY hard worker
17.  He's willing to do anything to support us
18.  He works 12 hour days with 3 hours of church on top of that and doesn't complain, just gets up and does it the next day
19.  He's handsome!
20.  He makes me feel special
21.  He listens to me when I need to talk
22.  He LOVES his mother
23.  He calls my mom "mom"
24.  He'll watch endless "Friends" with me, and "Grey's Anatomy"
25.  He puts up with my country music 90% of the time, rarely does he ask to put something else on even tho he's not a huge country fan
26.  He teases me, I love it =)
27.  He supports me in my calling and all that it requires of me
28.  He's going to make a wonderful daddy someday
29.  He's AMAZING in every way shape and form.  I love him =)
Happy Birthday, Darren Wesley!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March Madness indeed!  (not the football...)

This month has been a great one, but it sure has flown by.  As stated below, our Utah trip was a blast.  The next weekend, Darren got to go camping with the Deacons (fun, right?).  Then last week, my office got overtaken by bees!

Last Friday, Darren and I got to take a trip to Vegas for his niece Camill's baptism.  We were so happy we could be there for her special day.  It was a super quick trip.  We left after work Friday, took Darren's brother Steve's daughter Penelope with us (mouthful, ha).  We stayed at Shawn's house in Vegas, went to the baptism, had some lunch, then hopped back into the car to head home!  Darren and I had always planned on coming home on Saturday, but we didn't plan on bringing Darren's dad back with us.  Turns out on Friday night, Darren's brother Steve (who sent his daughter with us) had a meeting with his Stake President and was called to be a bishop!  So all us Hunsaker's rushed back to Arizona to be in town for his setting apart.  It was really neat to be here for that.  Steve will be a wonderful bishop.  It was pretty special being able to be there for the setting apart and everything.

This weekend, my cousin Fressia is getting married =) so many weddings!  It'll be neat to be there for that sealing, I'm looking forward to it.  Next month, Riley gets married!  Phew!

How has our March been?  Ready for April?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Last weekend, Darren, Sandra (little sister), Megan (friend), and myself took a road trip to UTAH!  We took off on Wednesday after work and drove to Mesquite.  We got a few hours of sleep there, then finished the drive to Provo on Thursday.  Sandra went up to visit friends in both Idaho and Provo, and Megan was visiting some of her friends in Provo as well.  Darren and I were up their for my best friends wedding, and as a bonus, were able to visit a few of his friends.

Thursday night, we went to dinner with Marcee and Aaron and their kiddos.  It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with them, and we really appriciate them letting us stay at their home!  Friday was the wedding day.  Keira and Tyler got sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple that morning.  I know I've been to the SLC Temple when I was younger but I honeslty don't remember it.  I remember the hotel down the street we stayed at, I remember it raining and playing in the fountains, and I remember eating at JBs, but I don't remember the temple...weird!  So I was excited to not only get to see the temple, but to go inside!  Well, inside part of it.  Such a beautiful place.  Darren and I didn't get to walk around much and go to the visitors center or the conference center, but hopefully someday we'll go back.
(Keira and I after the sealing)
After the temple sealing, Darren and I hung around the temple grounds and filmed Keira and Tyler taking their wedding pictures.  That was a lot of fun.  I had never met Tyler before that day so it was neat to get to know him a little better while taking pictures.  His personality matches Keira's perfect, I love it!  After the pictures was the lunch with their families.  Then came the reception!  Darren and I got to help decorate the car and put together a "Brown Bag Special".  If you want to know what that's a brown bag full of wedding night goodies.  Darren started the brown bag tradition 4 years ago when his friend Aaron got married and it's a hit!  Makes for some good laughs =)
(Beautiful, right!?)
Friday was a wonderful day.  It was fun celebrating Keira and Tyler's love and it really reminded me of my wedding day and what a wonderful day it was.  It was a great time and Darren and I really enjoyed ourselves.  I was so glad we made the trip to be there, it was a blast!
I love my husband
After the wedding stuff was over, we spent the rest of the weekend with Darren's friends Aaron, Marcee, and Ford.  Aaron and Marcee's kids are SO STINKIN CUTE!  Darren and I almost packed them up in our bags and brought them home with us ;).  Oh, and on Saturday, we went to a concert of Darren's friend John Allred (AMAZING music, band's name is Allred.  You should totally check him out.  For my LDS friends, he just recorded an AMAZING version of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".  Youtube it, you will fall in love.)  It was a great weekend and the perfect little getaway, a much needed break!  But as always, I'm glad to be home :).

Next stop, Vegas for Camill's baptism.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goin' to the temple and she's...

Gonna get MARRIED!  My best friend Keira is getting married in 3 days =) and I'm super excited!
Our first day as roommates.  Our meeting was kinda crazy, so meant to be!  You see, in 2007, I was dating this guy who was friends with Keira's older brother.  So I met her like...once maybe?  I saw her up in Idaho Winter of 2008 with her brother, we had lunch.  Then Fall of 2008, while we were both home on break, we ran into eachother at institute here in Gilbert.  We got talking, and she mentioned she didn't have a roommate for winter.  I had a friend I was sharing an apartment with, but no actual roommate so we thought, "Hey, lets live together!"  Next time we saw eachother was on the shuttle from SLC to Rexburg in January.  From that point on, we became instant best friends!
We roomed together that winter semester and had a BLAST!  We quickly became inseperable.
So then winter came to an end and we stayed roommates through the summer semester.  More fun!
It was sort of a rough semester for me, but Keira was a great friend who helped me through a ton!
Loved my sophomore year of college.
After that semester, she roadtripped to AZ with me, then to CA for some beach time!
Then we parted...I met Darren, got engaged and, and Keira went to Oregon.  She did come to my wedding and made a BEAUTIFUL bridesmaid!
The next time we saw eachother was when she came down to AZ for a few months August of 2010.  That long ago?!
And in 3 days, Darren and I will be in Utah for HER wedding!
I'm super excited for her and this next step!  And I'm super excited to see her. It's been toooo long =)
That's right =)
Love her <3