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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I can't believe it'll be October in a few short days.  Serious?  Dang!  Well, besides the Ream Reunion, Darren and I didn't do a whole lot this summer.  Our days were filled with work, our nights spending time together.  We did have one opportunity to watch baby Taycie for a few days =).  That was a blast!  Sorry to all my other nieces and nephews, but Taycie is probably (not even probably...seriously) Darren's favorite.  She's the perfect baby.  She wakes up smiling, falls asleep instantly, and is SO stinking cute!  We love getting to steal her any chance we get.  Alright, watch out.  This post is about to be blasted with pictures of this cutie!
The first morning, while I was getting ready for the day, she laid there like this...and didn't move...for like 5 minutes.  It was so cute
She's so little!
Isn't that how you watch TV?
Such a happy little girl =)
Anyway, we had her near the end of July.  Then in April, it was Darren's turn for surgery!  He has always had some nose issues.  He's congested a lot and can't breathe all that well at night.  He went to an ENT and learned he had a severely deviated septum (and a whole bunch of other stuff).  So in August, he got that fixed.  The surgery went well and he bounced back pretty quick!  Just had to take it easy for a week, which for Darren, wasn't easy.  But worth it!  He can breathe a lot better now =)
Just waking up from surgery.  He wasn't all loopy like I hoped so no funny stories to share
The next few days were spent like this.  Gotta love the gauze taped under his nose.
See?  He still loves having Taycie over after surgery!
Anyway, there's another update.  He and I are both doing well, so hopefully we're done with surgery for awhile ;)

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