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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ream Reunion

So I was going to write this big long post about the summer but I'm going to break it down.  So...Here's post 1!
I haven't posted in 2 months...whoops!  I can't believe it'll be September in a few days - that just seems nuts to me.  Summer didn't really feel like a summer to me...  It's different when you don't get to take the time off.
In June, we had the Ream Family Reunion.  (Darren's mom is a Ream).  It was at the same place we had last time, an amazing cabin in Altamont, UT!  It's a huge place that can almost fit everyone.  This year, they had to rent a second cabin down the street.  That's where we slept, it was a super nice cabin too but we didn't spend much time their beyond sleeping.  It was on a lake so Darren got to fish every morning before I woke up which he enjoyed.  Anyway, here's the rundown in pictures!

These two are inseperable.  It's cute =) best cousin friends
There's a little pond in front of the big cabin and it's FULL of crawdads.  These kids spent HOURS outside sticking jerky in the water and pulling out crawdad after crawdad.  Gross...
Love these little girlies =)
Caroline in her bootie shorts!  Last reunion, this girl was 4 months old and I got to hold her the whole time =)
I just love Luke's hair in this picture so I had to add it.  That little guy is so stinkin' cute!
So...the only picture of me from this year's reunion, I am sleeping.  And...last year, same thing!  I promise I did more than sleep ;)
Alright...I couldn't find a picture of Darren.  I promise he was there!'s a picture from the drive UP to the reunion.  We made a quick stop in Monticello Utah to see their temple.
Next post...Taycie time!

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Anonymous said...

So, would Darren be a grandson of the late Donald Leon Ream? If so, then we are cousins.

Would you be interested in our family connections?

Possibly your Midwestern cousin,
William "Bill" H. Ream, Jr.