Five Years


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hawaii Part 2

Skydiving took up most of our Friday, but it was worth it.  After that, we drove around the North Shore taking pictures and eating shaved ice.
That night, we ate at Shorebird again.  And on Friday nights, after sunset, the Hyatt puts on a fireworks show!
That was a good night

Saturday morning was spent at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  We got a few souvenirs, then headed back to the North Shore.  We visited the Laie Hawaii Temple and then spent the rest of the day/evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We don't have many pictures of that.  Whoops...

Last day!  We spent our Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor.  I've been to Hawaii, but I haven't been there.  It was neat!
See that oil?  62 years later, there's still oil coming up from the sunken USS Arizona!

We also got to walk inside an old submarine
I had to put this picture.  See that...white spot on my leg?  I'm not sure how that happened!  I didn't have sunscreen on (as you can tell by the bright red...).  I'm wondering if I had a spot of sand on me?  It's too funny!
Darren loved the submarine

Hawaii was amazing!  We had such a great time.  Aloha!

Hawaii Part 1

In January, in the spur of the moment, Darren and I booked a trip to HAWAII!  It was just a fun little getaway for us, for no reason at all.  Other go to Hawaii.  We were there for 4 days.  Some think that's short, but I think it's perfect.  (I'm a major home body...)

I'm breaking this vacation into parts.  There's a lot of pictures...  We got there late afternoon, had some dinner, and crashed (we were ready for bed so early!  We're like an old couple, no kidding.  We're not really night life people..)
Thursday, we went para sailing!
This was my favorite thing of the trip
We were pretty high up there!
So much fun!

After para sailing, we took a drive up the coast and snapped some pictures.
(they gave us a Prius to drive around...Darren was thrilled... haha)
We also spent a little time on a beach in a little town on the west coast.
That night, we had dinner at the best place!  It's called Shorebird.  There's a salad buffet with a LOT more than salad, you pick your meat, then YOU grill it!  They've got these big grills with some seasoning and "grill masters" to help you if you need.  Darren loved being able to cook our steaks.  Also, this place is ON the beach.  And you have a perfect view of sunset.  Basically...we ate here 2 out of the 4 nights we were there haha...
That was totally our view

Friday was Skydiving day.  That's right, Darren jumped out of an airplane!  Crazy boy.
Darren and Manny ready to load up!
Does he look nervous?
So nuts...That's not Darren, that's the girl before him.  Such a crazy view!
Here he goes!
His view of the North Shore
He did it!
Stay tuned...

Birthday/Harlem Globetrotters

On my birthday this year, my cute nieces performed during the pregame and halftime show for the Harlem Globetrotters.  They did such a good job and it was a fun way to spend my birthday.  After, we had dinner at Red Robin.  Then Darren and I had a fire in our backyard and relaxed (our Christmas Tree had been in the backyard for while waiting to be lit on fire).  Let me tell you, those things burn QUICK!
Ky did a great job!
Halle worked it ;)
Zadi was a star!
Mack is so cute =)
Kylee sure can kick!
Darren had a good time
My big sister Kristy =)

I had a wonderful birthday spent with family.