Five Years


Thursday, May 31, 2012


I love her
Like....seriously, I love this little girl.

Darren and I got to babysit her Sunday to Monday and it was so much fun.  If our kids are half as good as she is, we'll be SUPER lucky.

She's so cute...I mean, LOOK AT HER!

Love my Taycie baby =)  Can't wait to have you for a weekend in July

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Month, Another Wedding!

Last month, both Keira and my cousin Fressia got married (not on the same weekend thank goodness).  This month, my best friend from California, my oldest (not in age, but in how long we've known each other) friend, Riley got married!  She and Adrian had been dating for nearly 2 years and had been engaged for 9 months!  Now, 9 months may not seem crazy for some of you, but this is a Mormon engagement.  9 months is VERY long of most Mormons haha.  Anyway, last weekend was Riley's wedding.  They got sealed on Friday the 27th and then had a ring ceremony and reception on Saturday the 28th.  Last Thursday morning, Kennan (Ry's sis), Soorin (Ry's fams exchange student), and Sandra all flew into Mesa from BYU-I.  Mom and I picked them up from the airport and headed straight to Palm Desert.
Darren was planning on coming along and was really excited about it...but the night before we left, he was up all night sick.  So...unfortunately he got left behind to rest and get well, which he did!
Riley's wedding was a blast!  The sealing was wonderful - her grandfather got to perform the sealing which was really neat.  Lucky Ry!
The happy couple coming out of the temple.  Aren't they so cute together?
After the ceremony, I played with Caiden at the park.  My nephew is so stinkin' adorable...

So...I was a bridesmaid and the ceremony/pictures/all the fun stuff was on Saturday.  Well, Friday I spent a lot of time outside (the park, the temple, etc).  So...because I'm Emily, my face decided to react to the outside world.  This kind of stressed me out.  I was a bridesmaid and was going to be in a lot of pictures and my chin was all red and swollen!  So on Saturday, I iced it in the morning, then right before the picture taking began, I put make-up over my red chin.  Then I just didn't touch or scratch my chin the rest of the night and it worked!  You could barely tell, which was what I was worried about.  My chin was killing me..but at least it wont really show up in pictures.
Jeanny did our hair and she did a great job.  And the dresses were so cute!  Here are some more pictures from Jeanny's phone.
Half of the bridesmaids
Evan even made it to the wedding all the way from Argentina!
Fun weekend.  Congrats, Riley and Adrian!  Hope you have a wonderful eternity together =)