Five Years


Monday, November 22, 2010

We did it!

Darren and I had our one year anniversary yesterday!  It was pretty exciting, one year is a fun accomplishment.  Since our anniversary fell on a Sunday, we celebrated on Saturday.  First we spent the day together putting up Christmas lights (our lights are amazing!).

For dinner, we went to Firebird in Chandler.  It's a steak house and the food was delicious!  I got stuffed real fast.  After dinner, we had planned on going to a movie but at this point, Darren and I were both pretty tired.  So instead, we decided to head home.

Well, we stopped at 2 different Targets, got a few things we needed, and stopped at Albertsons.  So...we basically got home at the same time we would have if we HAD gone to the movie.  Silly us...  But I really enjoyed spending the whole day with Darren.  I also got spoiled with BEAUTIFUL flowers!
Sunday, we had church then Darren's family came over for dinner.  It was fun spending time with all of them and I got to meet my beautiful niece Rebekah for the first time!  You always forget how tiny newborns are.  Also on Sunday, we got to eat our cake!  Darren and I didn't plan on saving the top layer, but my mom decided to anyway.  So we brought that out and everyone got some.  And you know what?  It was delicious!  Didn't taste a year old at all.
Happy Anniversary to us!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


That has been our home for three weeks now.  A few weeks ago, the tile.  After that we got about a week and a half break..time to clean, relax, and enjoy our new tile.  Then came...the counter tops.
And a few days after the counter tops got installed, came PAINT!  So basically, the Hunsaker household has been under construction for nearly a month now.
Tile pieces lying around
Random spots of carpet over concrete
No counter tops or sink
More dust
Wood shavings in kitchen drawers
Moving furniture
Lots of dust
Emptying closets and pantry
Smelling paint
And just when you think you've got the floor or tables clean, more DUST
I have LOVED every minute of it!

Yes, it has been crazy and hectic at our home, but we can't wait till it's done!  So every speck of dust has been worth it.  Thanks to my amazing husband for making all this happen!  Here are some pics of the progress:
They started with the ceilings, and I already prefer white ceilings over the tan we had!
Pray it doesn't rain!

I love my home, I'm excited to see the changes, and I love my husband for all the work he's done to make our renovations possible.  Life is wonderful =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christine Ann

It has been awhile since I've put an update on my mother-in-law so I thought I'd do that.  Last time I blogged about her, I mentioned how she would probably be moving into a group home there in Vegas.  Well...plans changed a little.  Instead of going to that group home, she went to a Skilled Nursing Home (still in Vegas).  Darren and I haven't seen the place yet, but from what we've heard, she's really enjoying it.  Here are some pictures from the hospital:
Metting her newest (at the time) grandchild, Luke
All smiles!
Enjoying spending time with her Johnson grandchildren
Jackson and Samuel went and visited

Now here are some from the new place.  Here, she doesn't have to wear a hospital gown.  She doesn't have to stay in her room all day.  She gets to go on walks in her wheel chair and spend time with others at the home.  She gets to eat dinner in a dining room too.  From what I've heard, she has enjoyed it.  A good change =).  Here are some more recent pictures:
When no one is pushing her chair, she flinstones her way around.
My sister in law Tricia put that collage together for her a few months back. It's way neat and I'm sure she loves it =)

So there's the update!  She's doing wonderul and progressing each day.