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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christine Ann

It has been awhile since I've put an update on my mother-in-law so I thought I'd do that.  Last time I blogged about her, I mentioned how she would probably be moving into a group home there in Vegas.  Well...plans changed a little.  Instead of going to that group home, she went to a Skilled Nursing Home (still in Vegas).  Darren and I haven't seen the place yet, but from what we've heard, she's really enjoying it.  Here are some pictures from the hospital:
Metting her newest (at the time) grandchild, Luke
All smiles!
Enjoying spending time with her Johnson grandchildren
Jackson and Samuel went and visited

Now here are some from the new place.  Here, she doesn't have to wear a hospital gown.  She doesn't have to stay in her room all day.  She gets to go on walks in her wheel chair and spend time with others at the home.  She gets to eat dinner in a dining room too.  From what I've heard, she has enjoyed it.  A good change =).  Here are some more recent pictures:
When no one is pushing her chair, she flinstones her way around.
My sister in law Tricia put that collage together for her a few months back. It's way neat and I'm sure she loves it =)

So there's the update!  She's doing wonderul and progressing each day.

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