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Monday, November 22, 2010

We did it!

Darren and I had our one year anniversary yesterday!  It was pretty exciting, one year is a fun accomplishment.  Since our anniversary fell on a Sunday, we celebrated on Saturday.  First we spent the day together putting up Christmas lights (our lights are amazing!).

For dinner, we went to Firebird in Chandler.  It's a steak house and the food was delicious!  I got stuffed real fast.  After dinner, we had planned on going to a movie but at this point, Darren and I were both pretty tired.  So instead, we decided to head home.

Well, we stopped at 2 different Targets, got a few things we needed, and stopped at Albertsons.  So...we basically got home at the same time we would have if we HAD gone to the movie.  Silly us...  But I really enjoyed spending the whole day with Darren.  I also got spoiled with BEAUTIFUL flowers!
Sunday, we had church then Darren's family came over for dinner.  It was fun spending time with all of them and I got to meet my beautiful niece Rebekah for the first time!  You always forget how tiny newborns are.  Also on Sunday, we got to eat our cake!  Darren and I didn't plan on saving the top layer, but my mom decided to anyway.  So we brought that out and everyone got some.  And you know what?  It was delicious!  Didn't taste a year old at all.
Happy Anniversary to us!

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David and Jessica said...

sounds like you guys had lots of fun. Congrats on makin it through your first year ;) love you