Five Years


Monday, July 22, 2013

New Home

The past 3 months have been...hectic to say the least.  For those that don't know, we have been remodeling our new home.  It's almost livable.  Once it's all put together, I'll put some before and after shots.  For are some 'in progress' shots.  This is what our lives have consisted of for the last nearly 3 months.  (Get ready for a picture overload...I can't seem to figure out how to make pictures side by side.  Sorry...)

We did a lot of demo.  The first wall down was a pony wall separating the family room and kitchen.  This really opened the area up and gave us more space for our table.
Next, the stairway.  It had that half wall thing and we were putting in railing.  So that had to come down.  Thanks for your help, Brian!
Then pantry and upstairs bedroom walls.  Darren did 99% of the demo.  I'm super grateful for him and all his hard work!  And I'm also grateful he didn't fall off that ladder...
Throughout all this demo, it got really nasty dirty...  Yuck.  I'm glad that parts done with!
 My mom and I removed the baseboards, Darren did a LOT of electrical (the attic became his second home), and occasionally I'd find him crashed out on the floor
Then, FINALLY, walls and floors started appearing!  They framed the wall for our bathroom, pantry, and built the loft
The drywall guy left his stilts here for a couple of days and Darren' couldn't NOT try them out.
Then, the beautiful banister got put in and the Gravley's helped us install baseboards and take down that lovely wallpaper.  Big THANKS to them for their help!  Very much appreciated.
We gutted the kitchen and the guys built shelves in our pantry
 Painters came and did their thing, which made a HUGE difference and that's when I think we first saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  Banister is stained to match our cabinets, spokes white.  Main wall color is tony taupe, coventry grey in the master bath, Darren's 'blue grey' in the living room and his office.
So while ALL that was going on, our San Tan Valley house was put on the market and sold within 2 weeks.  So we packed that house in a hurry and got out!
Back at the new house, cabinets and tile started.  I am in love with my shower and tub tile.  Love...
Darren and I escaped the chaos and skipped town to Flagstaff for the 4th of July with his family and when we got back...carpet and granite!
That's the latest.  We're now staying at the house, but we're sort of camping.  There are a bunch of odds and ends that need to get done, but it's coming together!  It has been a very stressful 3 months for Darren and I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication to make all this happen.  He deserves a LONG vacation when this gets finished.  He's been dealing with all the house stuff on TOP of running a business.  Love him.

Anyway, hopefully soon I'll get up some before and after pictures.  But the house has to look presentable before I'll take pictures.  Soon...  We're getting there.

How's your summer been?  Ha...