Five Years


Friday, August 5, 2011

Build Our Own Testimonies

This year, because of Trek, Girls Camp was done on a ward basis.  I am so grateful to ALL my advisers, counselors, and camp directors for making Girls Camp a HUGE SUCCESS!  Our camp site was perfect!  The weather...PERFECT!  It was a great week.
At camp, we had 5 amazingly comfortable hammocks to relax on.  They also made for some hilarious times.  So many girls flipped over in the hammocks!
But besides falling in the hammocks, they  made for a great nap place.
Darren was in heaven =)
We had a blast playing games
And just spending time and getting to know each other.  I love how much better I know each girl now.  Girls camp was a great bonding experience!
The first night was filled with so many fun activities!  First, a couple of the girls and leaders played the..Fruit Game?  Not sure of the name, but it was hilarious!  You couldn't show your teeth.  At one point, both Peggy Braegger and Dawson had tears streaming down their faces.  Priceless!
Also the first night, the girls played Ooga Booga.  Now, I won't go into detail about Ooga Booga (you can't know until you 'know'), but I was raised on this game.  We played it with everyone, and my mom was always the Ooga Booga Queen.  She is great at it...but I must say, these girls take the cake!  I was in tears laughing!  They did such a WONDERFUL job!
After the Fruit Game and Ooga Booga came Snipe Hunting!  Now, I don't really have pictures of this (Snipes don't like the light).  But let me tell you, my YCL's did a fantastic job!  I've never seen so much work put into Snipe Hunting, it was priceless.
Wednesday was our hike and lake swim.  After that, we had a craft and spa day.  That night, skits!
Thursday was a BLAST!  In the morning, we made survival bracelets and wrote letters to the military.  We also got our workout in with some Zumba, the girls rocked it.  Thursday afternoon was water day.  We had a number of water activities, then Bishop and his wife got there.  They got SOAKED!
Great picture, Bishop gettin' the girls back!  He came prepared with his Super Soaker.
Girls camp was a blast and I loved getting to spend time with all my girls and my husband.  He was there all week and was a big help =)
We have a wonderful ward =)
Thanks, girls, for a great week!