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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goin' to the temple and she's...

Gonna get MARRIED!  My best friend Keira is getting married in 3 days =) and I'm super excited!
Our first day as roommates.  Our meeting was kinda crazy, so meant to be!  You see, in 2007, I was dating this guy who was friends with Keira's older brother.  So I met her like...once maybe?  I saw her up in Idaho Winter of 2008 with her brother, we had lunch.  Then Fall of 2008, while we were both home on break, we ran into eachother at institute here in Gilbert.  We got talking, and she mentioned she didn't have a roommate for winter.  I had a friend I was sharing an apartment with, but no actual roommate so we thought, "Hey, lets live together!"  Next time we saw eachother was on the shuttle from SLC to Rexburg in January.  From that point on, we became instant best friends!
We roomed together that winter semester and had a BLAST!  We quickly became inseperable.
So then winter came to an end and we stayed roommates through the summer semester.  More fun!
It was sort of a rough semester for me, but Keira was a great friend who helped me through a ton!
Loved my sophomore year of college.
After that semester, she roadtripped to AZ with me, then to CA for some beach time!
Then we parted...I met Darren, got engaged and, and Keira went to Oregon.  She did come to my wedding and made a BEAUTIFUL bridesmaid!
The next time we saw eachother was when she came down to AZ for a few months August of 2010.  That long ago?!
And in 3 days, Darren and I will be in Utah for HER wedding!
I'm super excited for her and this next step!  And I'm super excited to see her. It's been toooo long =)
That's right =)
Love her <3

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