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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March Madness indeed!  (not the football...)

This month has been a great one, but it sure has flown by.  As stated below, our Utah trip was a blast.  The next weekend, Darren got to go camping with the Deacons (fun, right?).  Then last week, my office got overtaken by bees!

Last Friday, Darren and I got to take a trip to Vegas for his niece Camill's baptism.  We were so happy we could be there for her special day.  It was a super quick trip.  We left after work Friday, took Darren's brother Steve's daughter Penelope with us (mouthful, ha).  We stayed at Shawn's house in Vegas, went to the baptism, had some lunch, then hopped back into the car to head home!  Darren and I had always planned on coming home on Saturday, but we didn't plan on bringing Darren's dad back with us.  Turns out on Friday night, Darren's brother Steve (who sent his daughter with us) had a meeting with his Stake President and was called to be a bishop!  So all us Hunsaker's rushed back to Arizona to be in town for his setting apart.  It was really neat to be here for that.  Steve will be a wonderful bishop.  It was pretty special being able to be there for the setting apart and everything.

This weekend, my cousin Fressia is getting married =) so many weddings!  It'll be neat to be there for that sealing, I'm looking forward to it.  Next month, Riley gets married!  Phew!

How has our March been?  Ready for April?

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may said...

You wore me out just by reading all than you have been up to...Don't know how you fit it all in.