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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Last weekend, Darren, Sandra (little sister), Megan (friend), and myself took a road trip to UTAH!  We took off on Wednesday after work and drove to Mesquite.  We got a few hours of sleep there, then finished the drive to Provo on Thursday.  Sandra went up to visit friends in both Idaho and Provo, and Megan was visiting some of her friends in Provo as well.  Darren and I were up their for my best friends wedding, and as a bonus, were able to visit a few of his friends.

Thursday night, we went to dinner with Marcee and Aaron and their kiddos.  It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with them, and we really appriciate them letting us stay at their home!  Friday was the wedding day.  Keira and Tyler got sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple that morning.  I know I've been to the SLC Temple when I was younger but I honeslty don't remember it.  I remember the hotel down the street we stayed at, I remember it raining and playing in the fountains, and I remember eating at JBs, but I don't remember the temple...weird!  So I was excited to not only get to see the temple, but to go inside!  Well, inside part of it.  Such a beautiful place.  Darren and I didn't get to walk around much and go to the visitors center or the conference center, but hopefully someday we'll go back.
(Keira and I after the sealing)
After the temple sealing, Darren and I hung around the temple grounds and filmed Keira and Tyler taking their wedding pictures.  That was a lot of fun.  I had never met Tyler before that day so it was neat to get to know him a little better while taking pictures.  His personality matches Keira's perfect, I love it!  After the pictures was the lunch with their families.  Then came the reception!  Darren and I got to help decorate the car and put together a "Brown Bag Special".  If you want to know what that's a brown bag full of wedding night goodies.  Darren started the brown bag tradition 4 years ago when his friend Aaron got married and it's a hit!  Makes for some good laughs =)
(Beautiful, right!?)
Friday was a wonderful day.  It was fun celebrating Keira and Tyler's love and it really reminded me of my wedding day and what a wonderful day it was.  It was a great time and Darren and I really enjoyed ourselves.  I was so glad we made the trip to be there, it was a blast!
I love my husband
After the wedding stuff was over, we spent the rest of the weekend with Darren's friends Aaron, Marcee, and Ford.  Aaron and Marcee's kids are SO STINKIN CUTE!  Darren and I almost packed them up in our bags and brought them home with us ;).  Oh, and on Saturday, we went to a concert of Darren's friend John Allred (AMAZING music, band's name is Allred.  You should totally check him out.  For my LDS friends, he just recorded an AMAZING version of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".  Youtube it, you will fall in love.)  It was a great weekend and the perfect little getaway, a much needed break!  But as always, I'm glad to be home :).

Next stop, Vegas for Camill's baptism.

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