Five Years


Friday, June 22, 2012

A cut here, a stitch there some of you know, if not most...I had surgery last Friday.  I have what's called Endometriosis.  It was a simple procedure that couldn't have gone better.  They found 4 spots of endometriosis, got rid of it, and sent me on my way.  Hopefully this is the answer we've been looking for - fingers crossed!
All hooked up and ready to go
Right after

Recovery went really well.  I was up about about Saturday night, was just a little sore and slow moving.
We went to PF Changs for Father's Day.  My dad's pretty awesome...

Darren was AMAZING through all of this!  Poor guy got pretty bored on Friday when all I did was sleep and he just had to sit there...all day...  He's a trooper.  Also, he was up super early Saturday morning (because we were so bored we went to bed SO early on Friday haha), had gone to the store, gotten me some Gatorade, snacks, beautiful flowers, and was basically done with all the laundry before I was even out of bed!  He's fantastic, he made sure I got all the rest I needed.
So pretty!  He knows how to pick out amazing flowers
At dinner
Now, a week later, I basically can do all the moving I want (just can't do a back bend or anything, not that I could before...), I'm just a little bruised. 

BTW, this is my 100th post.  Only took me nearly 3 years ;)

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