Five Years


Thursday, April 28, 2011


That's what time needs to do.  Slow down!  I feel like the last week or so has been on fast forward and I'm ready for it to slow down so I can catch up. 

So...last weekend we went to Vegas to visit Darren's family.  It was a packed weekend but it was fun.  Friday was spent shopping, dying eggs, and hanging out with family.  We stayed with Darren's cousin's family, they're great!  Nicolette LOVED Darren.
Cute, huh?
Also, I attempted to dye eggs with a silk tie.  Here's how they turned out.
Kinda neat.  But a LOT of work!
Saturday, we had niece Faith's baptism, new niece Dakota's baby blessing, and nephew Kyle's eagle court of honor.  Busy!  But it was the first time since I've been a Hunsaker that we have ALL been together.
A big bunch, huh!  Love it =)
Do they look happy or what =D
So that was the weekend.  We headed home on Easter Sunday, which happened to also be Darren's birthday.  Happy birthday Darren!  Anyway, our drive home turned out to be quite an adventure...  You see, Nate and us left a little later than everyone else (we made quite a few stops on the way out to say bye to people).  We were maybe 20 miles outside of Wickenberg when all of the sudden the highway was a parking lot.  Everyone was stopped and roaming around the street.  No cars were coming from the other direction either.  There had to be a car crash a mile or so ahead of us.  There were no cars coming from the other direction it had to of been bad.  Also, it had just happened.  No police, ambulance, or helicopter was in site.  After a few minutes of sitting there, Nate and us decided to turn around.  We weren't going to get home waiting we decided to take Bagdad Road to Congress, AZ, then drop down to Wickenburg and continue on.  Well...about 30 minutes down Bhagdad, our fuel light came on.  Dun dun see, we were planning on stopping for gas in Wickenburg because it's cheaper so we didn't fuel in Vegas.  Problem!  So we looked at our GPS and saw that the closest gas station was in Skull Valley.  We headed that way...and when we got to the gas station, this is what we saw.
For reals!  Haha, it was hilarius.  Best part, there was a sign on the gas station that said "Closed from April 18th-May 3rd.  If you need gas, call Ryan at 623-555-5555".  Serious?  Who closes a gas station for 2 weeks!  So before calling Ryan, we tried the fire station.  No we called Ryan and he was a half hour away so he sent us to his dad's house.  His dad was way nice and gave us 2 gallons of gas and some snickers bars.  He was great.  So we had enough gas to get to Prescott!  There, we filled up and ate some dinner and headed home.  Our 5 hour drive turned into an 8 hour drive...what an adventure!
So that was our Easter weekend, it was a lot of fun!  How was your Easter?


Austin and Chelsie said...

Oh my gosh... that gas story is hilarious!!! And ya, time has been out of control lately. How long has it been since we've seen you?!

Darren & Emily said...

It has been quite a while. We haven't seen anyone in forever it seems...we'll have to fix that!

mary said...

That could only happen to you. Glad you had a good trip anyhow...