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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Steps to a Miracle

Mom Hunsaker Update-
   Darren's mom Christine has now been in the hospital for 5 weeks.  And for the past five weeks, she's been basically the same.  She constantly moves her legs and head, but as far as we know, it's just reflexes and not conscious reactions.  Then...this happened

From the most recent email, Jen, the oldest of the Hunsaker's, told this story:

"After my dad had been in the room for a while, she turned her head to him and smiled.  It wasn't the prettiest smile, but it was upturned lips.  Maybe 20 minutes had passed since she had smiled and my dad was standing next to her, massaging her left hand.  She looked up at him, puckered her lips and made the kissing sound.  Basically she blew him a kiss."

Can you believe that?!  How amazing!  That was on Thursday.  It's Saturday now, and she's continuing to show baby steps of improvement.  When Steve, her oldest son, asked her to show him her teeth, she would.  Or to stick out her tongue, and so forth.  Each time, she did what she was asked.  Sometimes it took longer than others, but still!  Also, when they put chapstick on her lips, she rubs them together.  It's amazing...thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.  We really appreciate it.  More updates to come!

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Michelle Perry said...

That's awesome. Reading this gave me chills Emily.