Five Years


Monday, June 21, 2010

Who wants a tour?

(There used to be pictures on this post.  I accidentally erased them...oops!)
Ladies and Gents, here it is!

My husband is a patriot
Please, enter =)
 The kitchen (throughout these pictures, please excuse the mess.  We're still unpacking!)
Table and sliding door to the backyard
Family room (TV is right behind me)
Office (still with boxes that need to be unpacked)
The master...and last but not least
The huge closet!  This picture does not do it justice.

So there's our home!  We love it and it's been way nice going from an apartment to a house.  Hope you like it =)


David and Jessica said...

Love it :) I can't wait to see it in person...hopefully soon

Riley said...

Ok first the house is beautiful and do you even understand how much I could fit in that closet.. seriously do you get it? I am in LOVE

Darren & Emily said...

Riley, I love you :)