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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grandma Abuela

On August 30th, my Grandma Abuela passed away.  It was completely unexpected and therefore took us all off guard.  The funeral was on Sept. 4th and it was a wonderful ceremony.  She touched many lives and will live on in all of us.  She was a wonderful grandma who loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren very much.  This post is for my grandma, Laura Mazzarelli.
My grandma was amazing.  Looking back, I now realize that she was always there for us.  Every baby blessing, baptism, graduation, and of course wedding, Grandma and Grandpa we always there smiling with pride.  She supported all of us in everything.  Also, every birthday you knew you'd get a phone call and a present.  Sometimes the present was a shirt too small, but you knew Grandma was thinking of you.  Same with Christmas...someone always got something special just for them.
Another thing about my grandma, she LOVED having us visit.  Her door was always open.  I remember going one weekend when I was probably 12 with a friend and my dad.  We were able to go to the beach, the fun-zone, roller blade around Balboa Island, and play cards with Grandma and Grandpa at nights.  My college roommate Keira and I just recently spent a few days at Grandma's last summer.  It was a great time and Grandma made sure we were comfortable and there was food in the pantry for us.
Another thing about Grandma would have to be the trips she takes us on.  For all her major anniversaries, she and Grandpa managed to get EVERYONE together for a getaway and each one was wonderful!  In March, we were able to go on a 3 day cruise to Mexico.  It was great - everyone was there but Uncle Fab, who was missed.  It was really neat to have us all together.  Here's a picture from that.
All because two people fell in love <3
I could go on and on with memories of Grandma, but it might get a little long.  My grandma was great, loved by so many and loved everyone.  She blessed many lives, and it is because of the love she has for my Grandpa that I am here today.  She will be missed but it will be a wonderful reunion when we're all together after this life.  I love my grandma abuela.

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