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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're still here!

January was insane!  I apologize for not posting for awhile, Mary.  I know you've probably checked this blog a couple times a week waiting for some kind of update.  So here's the Hunsaker update!

January started out crazy and has ended even..more insane.  Before the year ended, Darren and I both got new callings at church.  I was called to be a laurel adviser and Darren, a teacher adviser/assistant varsity scout leader.  This meant teaching on Sunday's, mutual on Wednesday's.  And for Darren, it meant he had some sort of training, or activity with the boys, every single Saturday.  We have been busy...

Darren found time to take a quick trip to Vegas to visit his mom.  Where he found that time is unsure..somewhere between the weekend scout training stuff and running a business...but I'm glad he was able to make the trip.  I didn't go due to work, but he had a nice visit.  His mom is doing alright, still progressing.  Things are going well.

What else happened in January..oh, my best friend and brother moved here from Utah!  I got to pick Jess up from the airport and it was my first time seeing my absolutely ADORABLE nephew Caiden George.  He is the cutest thing..and a smiley boy too!  David and Jess have been offering on house after house and actually just got one!  Only 15 minutes away too =) exciting!

Let's know, I can't remember all that happened this month.  Filled with church, work, and friends.  Oh!  Here's something most all of you probably don't know.  I am going back to school.  Sort of...  For those that know me know that school and I didn't end on very good terms.  I'm not a fan and wasn't sure I ever wanted to go back.  Sad too, because I got pretty far - 50 credits at BYU-I.  10 short of an Associates.  But for some reason...a few days before school semesters all around started at the beginning of this month, I had this strange desire to go back to school.  So I acted on this desire before it passed, because I knew it would eventually.

I am taking a child development class online from Central Arizona College and so far, so good!  I've never done online so I just wanted to test the waters with one class..and I lucked out and picked what has to be one of the easiest classes ever!  It should be a good semester and I'm getting a feel of online schooling.  It'll be good...

Well, that's January in a nut shell!  Life has been very busy but Darren and I are enjoying every minute of it.  Work for me is going really well and Darren's business continues to grow each day.  We love our ward and the opportunities we've had to serve, and it has been fun making friends in STV.  Life is wonderful.  Let's see what February has in store for us...

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