Five Years


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello October!

Can you believe it?  OCTOBER!?  Where does the time go?  I remember when time seemed to drag on by...weird.

This weekend was wonderful!  Matt was out of town so I got my husband all to myself all weekend!  Friday night we worked on this...

And finished it!  Well..sort of.  Matt borrowed (I think) this puzzle from a friend and we've been working on it every night for a week now.  But here's where the sort of finished it part comes in.  You can't tell in this picture, but there's one puzzle piece missing.  Where'd it go?  3 options!
1. Who ever Matt borrowed this puzzle from lost the piece
2. WE lost the piece or..
3. Matt didn't want Darren and I to finish the puzzle without him, so he took a piece with him to Utah!  Which is it...hmm...

Saturday was filled with pancakes for breakfast, conference, naps, and more conference.  A wonderful relaxing Saturday!  That night, while Darren faithfully attended the priesthood session, I got to spend time with my friend Megan and her sisters & mom making my very first halloween decorations.  They turned out so CUTE and I LOVE them!  Thanks so much for inviting me, Meg!
Topped off with delicious gob-stoppers.

Sunday was filled with aebleskivers for breakfast, conference, more naps, and football.  What a wonderful weekend it was!

P.S. My new Halloween decorations have put me into a crafty mood.  I have another creation in mind.  More to come!


David and Jessica said...

For the letters in the frame..did you use wood block letters like the instructions say to use?

Darren & Emily said...

yeah, they got them from Hobby Lobby, they came in two packs I think. They're just thin wood letters. I think I'm gonna make a "JOY" one for Christmas!

Riley said...

Ok wait.. Emily so freaking cute! I love it they look so good! OH my gosh your a little housewife! YES I AM A HUGE FAN

MegEveryday said...

i'm so glad you came over! let's do another craft soon!

Danae said...

How fun! I want to be crafty too! Hopefully I'll get going on that soon...especially since some of the crafts I have in mind have to do with our little baby that's coming :)

Austin and Chelsie said...

Hey I didn't know you had a blog! And since you love crafts so much and I live so close we should do crafts together! :) Also Stacie Crawford in the ward does a craft night. I go sometimes and it's fu. I'll let ya know when the next one is.

~Chelsie Adair