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Friday, October 8, 2010

My Crazy Is Showing

Funny stories are great, don't you think?  So here are two stories that might get a giggle out of you.  Yes it's at my expense, but they are just too funny NOT to share.  So despite the embarrassment that might arise from these stories, I am going to share them with you.

Store #1:
     Last Thursday I was TIRED.  Now I don't mean being so bored you are about to fall asleep.  I mean...I could barely keep my eyes open the 8 hours I was at work, and almost fell asleep on the drive home despite the music blaring to keep that from happening.  So the instant I walked into my house, I hit the couch and was asleep within seconds, I'm sure.
THIS is how ZONKED I was...
Darren was in the garage putting together these shelves he got when this happened.  I had been asleep for probably a half hour when Darren sat on the other couch and put on some football.  I slept for another hour but woke up occasionally to the sound of Darren yelling at the game.  Now, in one of these instances when I sort of woke up, I noticed I was laying on my arm funny and it had fallen asleep.  So, still not 100% awake, I sat up to readjust my arm and said to Darren, "My hand's frozen".  Yes, you read that right.  My hand is frozen?!?! My hand wasn't frozen, it was numb and tingly!  I remember this vividly too.  My brain then said to itself, C'mon Emily, your hand isn't frozen, it's tingling.  Why are you saying your hand is frozen?  You're meaning to say it's tingly and numb.  After correcting my thought in my brain, I attempted to communicate it to Darren once more.  "I hand's..frozen."  Your hand is NOT frozen, Emily! Darren continued to give me a confused look and I proceeded, for the THIRD time, to say "My hand is frozen!"  Finally, my brain said Forget it Emily.  It's not worth it.  Lay back down and go to sleep.  So this I did.  That night while laying in bed that all came back to my memory.  It was the weirdest feeling!  I was thinking one thing but I was so tired I could not for the life of me put that thought into correct words!  Weird!  I thought I was going crazy...

Story #2:
     Last night, Darren had a blacklight service at around 7:30 pm.  They took off and I had the house to myself to enjoy my Grey's Anatomy.
Only thing...that wasn't until 8.  So meanwhile, I flipped between channel 713 and 715.  Family Feud
(with the NEW host..not nearly as good but Family Feud none the less)
...and last weeks Grey's Anatomy.  I laid there and hit the "last" button whenever a commercial came on.  Around 7:40, Family Feud went to commercial so I hit "last" and the channel changed.  About five minutes later...I kid you not, it took five minutes for this to register...I realized I wasn't watching Grey's or Family Feud.  Cops was on.
*Bad boys, bad boys...*
COPS!?  How in the world did I get on channel 45?  I hit "last" and it went back to 713.  The confusion started to set in.  What in the world happened?  Did I fall asleep and change the channel to 45?  No...I had been awake the whole time.  Did I lay on the remote and change it on accident?  No..the remote was on the coffee table.  Did Cops start to record so I could only watch that? wasn't a new one.  So HOW in the world did I get on channel 45 without realizing it, and WHY did it take me a whole Cops five minute foot chase to realize it? 
     For the next hour and a half, all through the Grey's Anatomy and part of Private Practice, I laid there in frustration and confusion.  I hated that I couldn't figure out where channel 45 came from.  I was so frustrated I had to call a few friends and share my confusion/really funny moment with friends.  They know who they are haha..  One friend and I decided that when I get to heaven, I should ask to see "The Life of Emily" movie and rewind it to October 7th, 2010, 7:40 pm.  Then...the truth came out.
     Darren got home from his blacklight service around 9:30.  Immediately I told him the story and how it was the craziest thing and I thought I was losing my mind.  Darren simply chucked and said, "Well, you are crazy, but I know what happened.  See the button that says 'FAV' right under the button that says 'LAST'?  Press it"  I did...and what happened?  IT WENT TO CHANNEL 45!
     THE END

Okay...reading back, I now realize that these stories are a lot funnier when told in person.  So if you've actually read the stories and made it this far in the post, WOW!  I feel special.  If not, I don't blame you.

There are my two "I'm going crazy" stories for the day!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone =)


David and Jessica said...

You're amazing Em hahaha good job ;)

Adriana Benitez said...

Haha, your stories are still funny even though it's not in person. Tim has told me that I act like a drunkard when I get really tired, so I know how it goes!

Danae said...

Haha oh Em. I can very clearly see both of those situations happening. :) I'm glad you were able to solve the mystery of channel 45!