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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Attempt

Back in high school, I took a sewing class with my two best friends.  It was a one night a week for a month kind of class.  We made multiple things, but the only two I seem to remember are a tote bag and a table runner, which my mom still uses.  It was fun, but that's about all the experience I have when it comes to sewing.  And I was 17.  Fast forward 6 years...I now have my own sewing machine!
As mentioned above, I am no seamstress.  I don't really know much when it comes to sewing.  Darren bought me this machine for Christmas for a few reasons.  First, I'd love to be able to sew.  I'm always seeing little projects I'd love to try, and in order to do that, I'd need a sewing machine.  Second, he's always needing random pieces of clothing fixed.  I could hand stitch those...but lets be honest, who would want to do that?  And third, in the long run, it's cheaper for us to buy a machine that can embroider his work shirts than to pay someone else.  So...there's the history behind sewing and my machine.
A few weeks ago, I decided to attempt to make something.  All by myself.  Dun dun dun...  Here are some pictures of the process:
Cutting out the pattern
Sewing fabric together with my beautiful sewing machine
The finished product!  Far from perfect, but it's recognizable as a skirt, no?

So here's the funny part.  I swear on my LIFE that the pattern was WRONG.  I did everything it said, cut out all the pieces, and it just DIDN'T fit together.  It made absolutely no sense.  And I swear it wasn't me, it was the pattern.  I followed directions to the T!  So...I did my own thing.  I ended up making my OWN pattern.  That being said, I think I did a pretty good job.  But hopefully my next pattern will make sense.

What should I make next?

P.S. Fabric is not cheap!


nattapatta said...

Fabric is so not cheap! I love the skirt!

Mary said...

That's why I can't sew, because I can't read the patterns either. Keep it up, you have a beautiful machine.

Adriana Benitez said...

You're brave for trying a skirt first! For fabric, no it's not cheap. That's why I only buy stuff on sale or with a coupon. Pajama pants were always less intimidating for me (plus who cares if they look a little funky)