Five Years


Monday, May 6, 2013

Life according to my iPhone

Here's what we've been up to since Hawaii, according to my phone.  WARNING, major picture overload.
Girls night with this cutie, Harper, her mama Chelsea, and aunt Megan!
New nephew Parker Ryan was born on March 10!  He's a cutie, looks just like Caiden.
Stealing cuddle time with cute babies my friends keep having
Darren spending Sunday night with sleeping Taycie (his favorite)
Burnt my chest while making angel food cake.  Whoops...
Fun game nights with awesome friends!
Lots of these (shots)...         And these...
At this place
Crafts that start like this...                   And end like this!
FaceTime with Taycie, by far the cutest thing ever.  She loves it! (Ignore my face up there...I was laughing)
Non stop watching this trial
Which leads me to drive by this house (the murder house...)
Sandra came home and we all went shopping =)
Suns game with these two handsome fellas
Spending time with the birthday boy!  (April 24th, he's 30!!!)
Anyway, that's what's been going on.  There's some other fun news I'll get to later (no, not pregnant since I know that's where everyone's mind always goes.)

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Anonymous said...

cute photos...Beautiful family
Happy Birthday Darren, many more.

Emily, your time will come when you least expect it...