Five Years


Friday, September 20, 2013

Before & After

Alright, I finally got some pictures taken.  So here are some before and after pictures!  Note:  I simply have the house clean and furniture set up.  I haven't decorated...hate that part.  So if you love decorating, I'm open to suggestions!  I also get stuck on what to put on the wall because you can only have so many pictures of Darren and I!  It gets old.  Seriously.  I am sick of our wedding and engagement pictures haha.  So lame...
Here we go!
This is probably my favorite change. We got rid of the half wall thingy and added railing!  I absolutely love it.  And you can't really see too well, but we have some awesome baseboard design going on up the stairs.  Steve Gravley and Darren put that together.  It looks awesome.
I love the curtain a found at, of all places, Walmart.  Now I just need to add a little color with some towels or a mat or something.
So, originally this was the dining room/living room combo.  See that archway leading into the kitchen, and the pantry right there?  We ripped out the pantry, put counter tops and cabinets there, closed the archway off and made a door.  Then, to the right of that window in the green wall picture, we added the wall that couch is against in the blue/grey wall picture.  Now we have a super awesome pantry!  We lost the dining room, but our table is in the kitchen area.  And I like how it separates the living room from the rest of the house a little more.

So not a lot changed in Darren's office.  And it's still pretty cluttered.  We just painted the wall a light blue and cleaned up the carpet.  The carpet was still really nice and it's heavier office type carpet so it works perfect in there.
Here's the view from Darren's office.  I love how our tile turned out.
So, now that I'm putting in the pictures, I realize how hard it is to read that writing.  So here's another explanation of these changes.  The bedroom with the blue walls doesn't exist anymore.  We used the right half of the room to expand our bathroom, and the left side of the room is our loft hallway.  That drawn in red wall is where we separated the room.  We then built the loft over the entry way, where it used to be completely open to the top.  Makes a HUGE difference and I absolutely love it!  It's a fun place for my nieces and nephews to play the Wii or watch movies.  We have a couch to put up there, it's just still in California.
One day, this room will look great...description in the picture.
Not that you can tell all that much, but just some paint and carpet in this room.  So for now, it's a guest room.
Same thing in this room.  Lots of beds if anyone ever needs somewhere to stay in Arizona!
Pictures of the family room and kitchen to come next week.  The big reveal of the master bed and bath will have to wait a little while.  We have our tub, but it's still in the box in our bedroom.  Also, there's another bathroom upstairs, but it's not ready (leaks stink) so that will be in a bit too.  All our work (and by our, I'm mostly mean Darren) really paid off!


Little Beachs said...

Looks amazing!!

Samantha and Daniel Phillips said...

I love it!!! LOVE the railing on the stairs, and the open loft!! So creative!

Mary said...

Fantastic job. It's beautiful.