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Monday, September 23, 2013

Kitchen & Famiy Room Reveal

Here you have it!  But first off, we plan to repaint (already, I know..).  That grey you see in the downstairs bath from the last post, we plan on painting the kitchen/family room space that color.  Hopefully sooner than later so I can put things on the wall.  Anyway, ta da!

And After (Promise it's not as dark as it seems, I just took this picture in the evening so there wasn't much sunlight hitting that side of the house):
And some more pictures just for fun:
The original plan here was to just keep the same cabinets and stain them a little darker, but after getting a few quotes and opinions, we decided it would be better long term to replace them.  The cabinets were old and worn, so instead of spending money making them look nicer, we just replaced them.  Hopefully soon, we'll get hardware on the drawers.  And see where the chevron art thing is in the corner?  That used to be where the pantry was.  Now...the pantry...
We will never run out of space...  I love having our extra fridge in there.  So much nicer than the garage.  And yes, there's a window in our pantry.  It goes to the side yard and there's a big house right next door so it gets barely any direct light.  It is nice having sunlight in there during the day, tho.  And it's the coldest room in the house!

Alright, here's the family room, before:
In here, we got rid of the pony wall and extended the tile a couple of feet into the family room.
Man those walls are so bare...Anyway, we also stained the entertainment center
Darren had to make a few adjustments with the side door thingys so our TV would fit.  He's so handy :)

The dining room
And for fun, entry way:

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Kayla Plessinger said...

I love the dark wood!!! Its beautiful!! Love it.