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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christine Hunsaker

Years ago, there were a couple of posts on my sweet mother in law.  She passed away last month, on October 14th.  My wonderful mother-in-law went into cardiac arrest 5 short months after Darren and I got married.  She spent the next 3 1/2 years being taken care of in a nursing home in Las Vegas.  She passed away last month, on October 14th.  A few weeks before that, she had some difficulty breathing which landed her back in the hospital.  Darren and her 9 other children were able to get together one last time.  They took her off life support and she went strong for nearly 24 hours.  I unfortunately never really had the opportunity to really get to know the woman who raised my amazing husband.  Even still, I love her and will miss her dearly.  I can't wait to get to know her in the next life.  I am grateful for the life she lived, for the wonderful mother she was, for her testimony and example in living the gospel, and for raising such amazing children.  What a legacy she left behind.
The funeral service was wonderful.  All of her children sang for her, it was perfect.  Darren also spoke.  It was great to be with everyone again, even under the circumstances.  She had a wonderful life and we did our best to celebrate her.  I am grateful for the gospel and the knowledge I have of eternal families.
We love you, Mom!
(there are 4 adults and 1 little boy missing.  Love our big family <3 p="">

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Mary said...

What a beautiful tribute to her.