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Monday, January 13, 2014


*New blog look!  Long overdue, I think.*

Christmas this year was great.  My entire family was in town!  That hasn't happened since our wedding 4 years ago.  It was fun to be together, and we took advantage and got a group picture.
 All 33 of us!  
And here's the picture of all the grandkiddies.  18 total, ranging from 12 years old to 10 months!
(Keep in mind Sandra and I haven't even started having kids yet, so imagine how many there will be once everyone is done!)

We took these pictures Christmas Eve, then Darren headed over to his brother's house for our annual Christmas Eve dinner.  It was a good time.  They little always act out the nativity every year and it never disappoints!  After that, Darren and I went home and helped Heidi wrap all her kids' presents.  So...that kept us up till midnight.  At that point, we figured...we're up, lets just unwrap our gifts too!  So we did, and then we were up till 2 am playing with said gifts haha.  Christmas afternoon, we had dinner at Kristy's house and spent some more time with everyone before Joey and his family flew back to Boise.  It was a great holiday this year.  And it seems like it was forever ago!  I have a hard time believing that it was less than 3 weeks ago...

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Mary said...

Beautiful family. Love the new look of the blog.