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Friday, March 21, 2014

Oh ya, I have a blog!

Darren and I went on a cruise a few weeks ago with some friends of ours, Whitney and Chandler, from our new ward.  It was totally spur of the moment and we had a lot of fun!  We did the Carnival 4 night cruise out of Long Beach with stops at Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico.
On Catalina, we rented electric bicycles.  They were a lot of fun!  They went pretty fast.
After that, we got ice cream and did some window shopping.
Back on the boat, Whitney and I were able to enjoy the sun and the guys had fun playing ping pong.  Whit and I thought it'd be fun to check out the sauna and steam rooms since neither of us have never been.  Gross...  We couldn't even BREATHE in the steam room!  Seriously, I was gasping for air with my towel covering my mouth trying not to gag.  I think we lasted 15 seconds in there...  As we were walking out, some lady walked in with a book.  How does that work?!  The sauna room was a littttllle better.  There was an old lady laying down in there...and it would have been really nice if she would have pulled her towel down just about an inch...please?  Thanks...  Haha.  That night was a lot of fun, it was the formal night!  Gotta love having a reason to dress up all fancy =).
Tuesday was our stop at Ensenada.  We walked around Mexico for a bit, had some lunch, and bought a couple cheap sunglasses, went to some museum type thing, then made our way back to the boat.
After dinner that night, we went to the Hasbro Game Show!  They play games like Simon Flash, Connect 4, and Sorry Sliders size versions on stage.  I got picked out of the audience to play in the Simon Flash game.  My team won and got put into the finals!  I didn't win the big prize, but got Monopoly Deal Millionaire =).
After that, we checked out the Piano Bar with Marty!  This guy was insanely good on the piano!  We sat around singing a bunch of songs with Marty, from the piano classics, to Garth Brooks, to even Taylor Swift!

Wednesday was our "Fun Day at Sea"!  It was really nice sleeping in and ordering room service breakfast.  Unfortunately the sun only came out for a few hours, but we soaked up every minute of it.  We caught as many activities as we could fit in that day, and wrapped up the cruise with their rock show and a close up magic show.
Oh, I can't forget to mention Kamlesh!  This cruise, we had anytime dining.  We could go to dinner anytime between 5:30-9, which was nice. don't automatically have the same waiter every night.  The first night, we weren't very impressed with our guy, so the next night, we had them sit us somewhere else.  That's when we got put in Kamlesh's area!  He is awesome and took good care of us!  It was fun getting to know about him throughout the cruise.  The last night, he somehow convinced Whitney and I to get up and dance with all the servers.  I think we were the only ones participating!
Anyway, it was a great week and we had a lot of fun with Whitney and Chandler.  Next cruise?  I'm thinking the Caribbean...or Alaska!!!

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Looks like you had a wonderful time...