Five Years


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm back!

It's been awhile! Let's see what has happened since I last posted. Well, the coolest thing that happened was Darren went to Peru and hiked Mt. Machu Picchu! He went with 4 brothers, 2 sister in laws, and a family friend. He was gone for 10 days, which was a long time... But he had a great time!
That's Machu Picchu behind him. The hike was 4 days long. Before and after the actual trek, the did some traveling. They visited Puno, and Lima. They even got to go to the Lima Peru Temple :)
There's all the brothers. Well, minus Shawn. Not sure why he's not in the picture...

It was such a neat experience for him and I'm so glad he took advantage of the opportunity. It's a once in a lifetime trip!

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