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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Vegas Style

Christmas this year was special.  All 10 Hunsaker kids were in the same spot for Christmas!  (Well, one sister had to leave Christmas Eve, but she was still there for awhile.)  It was a lot of fun!  We headed to Vegas on Saturday.  The first stop we made was to visit Darren's mom.  Then we headed to the house we were staying at and unloaded.  That night, all the adults went out to eat for Michell's birthday.  I haven't been on the strip in a long time.  It's crowded and all you hear are sirens!  Anyway, it was fun.  The place we went to wasn't made to accomidate a 20 people, so we ended up sitting outside in the FREEZING cold.  Luckily, there were a bunch of heaters around our seats.  I also go to snuggle baby Grant (my nephew, he was 3 months old) so he helped keep me warm, thank goodness.

Sunday was a fun day.  We went to church at Jen's ward where they had their Christmas program.  It was really good =).  Sunday night, ALL the kids got together, along with Sheldon (Darren's dad).  We got some group photos and had dinner (I don't have those pictures, I need to get them from Tricia...).

Christmas Eve, we went to the park, fed the duckies, and went bowling.  Then had Christmas Eve dinner with everyone.  This time, Darren's mom Chris got to come to the house for dinner.  It was neat being able to visit her.  We ate dinner, exchanged sibling gifts, opened our pajamas, and did the annual Hunsaker Nativity.  Now that was a treat...hilarious stuff you guys.

Christmas morning was a ton of fun!  Santa came and the kids had a blast opening their presents with all their cousins.  Chris and Sheldon came for Christmas breakfast as well.  This year, I got spoiled!  Darren's too good to me.  He got me a Canon Rebel T3i =) and I LOVE it!  (That's why I only really have pictures starting on Christmas day).

Here are some pictures from that morning
Corinne, Danny, Brighton (baby) and Matt
Tim, Liberty, and Beka loving their gifts
Ruby Kate!
Sweet Caroline =)
Kaylee, Luke, and Jen
Chris eating breakfast

There are a ton more but I don't want to put too many (I need to remember to get pictures of US)

Around noon on Christmas, Darren and I headed back home.  We got home in time to stop by my mom's house for a few hours before bed.  Best part, my whole family was still there!  So we still managed to hit both families for Christmas in two different states.  Love.  Here are a few pictures from there
Kris and Brocko
Darren getting cozy by the tree
Kris and Brie playing a game
Heidi and Jess
Sandra Rene was home for Christmas!

Don't mind that half the pictures are blury.  It was day one with my camera.  I promise I've gotten better!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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