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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Darren and I are pretty, seriously.  Most people our age, without any kids, when New Years Eve comes around, they've got some pretty awesome plans.  Maybe a party till 1 am, maybe go out to dinner.  Not Darren and I.  This is how our New Years Eve planning went:

Darren calls me at lunch that day
D:  Uhh...what are we doing tonight?
E:  I don't know.  Maybe my mom is doing something?  Or maybe some of my sisters are?
D:  Yeah...maybe call them and find out so we have something to do.

So that's what I did.  2 pm on New Years Eve, I started calling around trying to find someone with a 'party' we could invite ourselves to.  I called my mom, she wasn't doing anything either (just hanging out with Grandpa).  Anyway, we ended up crashing Heidi's house  (THANKS for letting us come over!)  Kristy + fam, mom and grandpa came too.We played some games and lit off a few fireworks.  Kristy and family left around 10:30, as did mom and grandpa.  Darren and I left around 11 (everyone at Heidi's was slowly drifting off to sleep except for Kylee).  We got home, went upstairs, put on some Netflix, and instantly Darren was asleep.  It was 11:30 at this point.  And he didn't even care to stay up till midnight.  I did, only's New Years Eve.  That's what you do!  So I watched a show, woke him up at 12, said Happy New Year, and crashed.  Pretty exciting, huh?  We're so lame..

Here are some pictures from that night!

 I love this girl
 Halle and Great Grandpa are best friends
 Kylee Marie & Emily Marie!
 Makie girl
 The kids showed off their dance moves
 Handsome little Brock
 Nonna and Brock
Kylee had fun jumping over fireworks
 Mom and Grandpa
 Me and the Gramps
 My favorite person =)
 A couple of Grandpa's girls
 Tanner getting attacked by kisses from Kristy and Mom
Time to crash...

Happy New Year (a few weeks late).  2012 was a good year, but I'm hoping and praying 2013 is even better.  This is going to be OUR year, I've decided this.

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Mary said...

Beautiful kids, photos great also.