Five Years


Monday, October 3, 2011


So, for those of you that don't know, I grew up in Palm Desert, CA.  My family moved here when I was 16 years old.  The last time I went and visited Palm Desert was...nearly 2 years ago for mine and Darren's wedding reception.  So a few weeks ago, I figured it was about time to make that trip!  It ended up being a girls weekend.  My friend Megan came along with me while Darren hung out here with his brother and had a guys weekend full of junk food and video games.  Silly boys =P.
Anyway, it was a great short get-away!  Meg and I left after work on Friday and got to the Vorwaller's home later that night.  *Thank you, Vorwallers, for letting us crash at your house!  You guys are awesome!*  Saturday morning, we headed to the most beautiful place on earth.
Beautiful, right?!  Since that night was the RS Broadcast, the last session was at 10 am.  We left early and arrive to the temple at 9:45 am.  And the parking lot was PACKED!  The guy at the gate gave us a map of the streets surrounding the temple and said "The parking lot might be full.  If you can't find parking, you might be able to find some on these side roads."  Megan and I started to panic, we didn't have time to drive around looking for a spot to park!  We decided to check the parking lot first anyway and...wa la!  A lady was walking out as we pulled put and she was parked right in the front!  It was perfect!  We grabbed our stuff, went and changed real fast, and got into the waiting room at 10:00 exactly.  Turned out they had so many people there that morning they ended up doing a 10:30 session as well, so we were safe.  BTW, that temple is AMAZING!  Loved it, so glad we were able to get there in time.  After the beach, we picked up some lunch and headed to the other most beautiful place on earth.
La Jolla Beach!  It was a perfect day!  I was a little worried because it was the end of Sept and the beach is usually a little chilly by then.  Heck, the beach can be chilly in August!  But we decided it was worth the risk and we were going to go anyway.  Well, it was warm, and the sun was shining the WHOLE time, and the water was perfect.  Cold, but not bad once you went under.  We didn't stay long, but it was very relaxing.  Nothing quite like napping on the beach!
After the beach, we headed back to Palm Desert and had a movie night with Bev.  Sunday, we went to my old ward, I saw a few familiar faces, then we spent the afternoon with Riley, Adrian, Bev, and Sheldon.  (They're my other joke).  Then we headed home.  Short trip, but SOOOO worth it, it was so relaxing and an all around great time.  I missed my husband, so getting home was just as great.  A weekend well spent!  Thanks for coming with me Meg =)


mary said...

Beautiful photos...Glad you had the prefect weekend.

Austin and Chelsie said...

We did a session at the San Diego Temple once and I loved it too! It is beautiful!! Glad you had fun.