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Monday, October 24, 2011

Speak Now

So way back in April, my sister Kristy called me and said, "Taylor Swift is coming to town.  Can you find out when tickets go on sale?"  Good thing she called me, because I had no idea!  And I totally would have missed the chance to get tickets.  That's right, I went to Taylor Swift's concert on Friday =D
Last weekend, Megan and I made some Taylor Swift t-shirts, love them!
We were kinda far from the stage, but we were in the dead center so it was great!
We were pretty excited!
Kristy was there too =) and some of her friends, including my sis-in-law Lalani.
At one point, Taylor walked to the back of the floor seats and sang quite a few songs there, she was pretty close!
She is a great performer.  Every song is acted out and she's very theatrical about it.  Very entertaining!!!
The last song was "Love Story" and for it, she floated above the lower level on a balcony.  It was super cool =)
Thanks for coming with me, Meg!  And for singing along to every song with me =D
Thanks for being 12 with me Kristy, it was a blast!
During "Back To December".  The bridge had a bunch of people playing the violin, loved it.

Oh, a little tip on playing the video above, click on it, then press the "end" button on your keyboard.  NO idea why that works, but that's how I got the video to play for me.  Random, huh?

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