Five Years


Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people

So...I've been stuck on this one for a LONG time and I can't think of anything!  Am I really that predictable and boring that I don't do anything different than the norm?  Sad...really...

Hmm...well, there's something I did more in my teenage years, not so much anymore.  Growing up, I wore pants year round.  I'm not sure I even owned a pair of shorts till college.  Which is totally backwards!  Grow up where it's 100+ degress, wear jeans.  Move to Idaho where it MAYBE reaches 95, finally buy shorts?  Yeah, I'm a thinker!  Anyway, I'm not sure why I despised shorts so much, but I did.  I don't anymore.  Generally, I'm in pants, but I probably own equal amouts of shorts and pants.

Oh!  The same goes for shoes.  Growing up, I ALWAYS had on shoes and socks.  Even at the beach...the minute we started packing up to go, I was in my jeans, hoodie, shoes and socks.  I still don't wear flip flops that often, but more so than when I was little.

There are the only 2 differences I could find.  Sad, huh?  Time to be more unique, Emily...  Break away from the norm!

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mary said...

Just be yourself....