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Monday, October 3, 2011

My Weekend

So, it's no secret, I have some of the cutest nieces and nephews of the world, on both sides!  In total, I think we've reached...16 with a little girl on the way.  On Darren's side, there are...26.  A lot, right?  Anyway, I love each and every one of them!  I get to see most of them on a regular basis - at least once a month at family dinner.  But this weekend I got a special treat!  On Friday night, David and Jessica came over and watched the BYU game with us.   And they brought this little guy =)
All decked out in his Y shirt, so cute.  He's grown so much!  He's walking along things and his personality really shines through.  He's so stinkin' cute, I love it.  He's my favorite Caiden!
So that was Friday night.  Saturday evening during Priesthood, Jess and I did a little shopping.  And I got to hang out with this little guy again =)
He was in heaven in his little firetruck and it was so cute to watch =).  Once again, love this boy!  And we got some good shopping in, thanks Jess!  He was so cute with one hand on the wheel and the other out the window.  Like he's a pro!
Then came Sunday.  Sunday morning, Darren, Matt, and I went to Mom's house for breakfast!  David, Jess, and Caiden were there as well.  Caiden cracked us up with his little antics all morning, then I got to rock him to sleep.  Afterwords, he took a very short nap on teddy bear Uncle Darren.
Love <3
So that was my weekend!  It was a great one and I enjoyed every minute of it.  And...Caiden George is the cutest 10 month old ever.

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