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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Seester

(This was Wednesday's post)

In my family, I fall in a hole sort of.  3 years above me is David, and 4 years below me is Sandra.  So I only have one little seester, and she's pretty awesome.  Sandra graduated HS in May and is now at BYU-I, my old stompin grounds!  Anyway, Thanksgiving was yesterday and she came home!
 A few years back during our weekly beach trip, we went to Knotts =)
 Sandra and I go WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back!
 Just hangin around
 While I was up at BYU-I, I made a trip to Boise while my family was there visiting.
In Oceanside, that's why I am so dark.

My little seester is awesome and I love her!  It was fun having her home for Thanksgiving, and she'll be home for good (well, till April) in a few weeks!

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