Five Years


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where's my mom's room?

Today, we had a family from the ward over.  The mom was helping Darren change his brakes and their 3 year old daughter got to hang out inside with me and watch Sponge Bob.  That little 3 year old cracked me up the whole time she was here!  At one point, I was heading upstairs to get the laundry and she asked me, "What's up there?"  "Rooms"  "Who's rooms?"  "There's my room, and then my brother-in-laws room"  "Where's your moms room?"  Haha, I then realized, this little 3 year old thought I was the same age as her 16 year old sister.  It made me smile =)  I guess I do look like a teenager.  These braces don't help my case much...

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