Five Years


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3: A Favorite Book

Anita Stansfield.  She's an LDS author of romantic novels.  She's got...49 books (I just counted on her website) and my mom owns probably every single one.  Those were the first books I actually read for fun, and I fell and love.  Sure, each book is the same storyline with a few different details, very predictable, but I love them.

My favorite books from her collection are the Gable books (there are 2).  I have read those two books so many times that I almost don't have to read them anymore.  I can just skim the pages and I see the book playing out in my mind.  Love it...

You know what?  Now...I want to read some of her books!  I'll have to find some time for some leisure reading =)

What's your favorite book?  Or author?

Happy reading!


Adriana Benitez said...

My favorite author is Jane Austin. I am a sucker for those old romance books. My first favorite was "Little Women" (totally different author) and then "Jane Eyre" and now "Pride and Prejudice".

Darren & Emily said...

I had to read a book for some college class and chose "Pride and Prejudice' but couldn't get into it. Maybe beacuse I HAD to read it, I don't know. My teacher told me to give it another shot.