Five Years


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 5: A Favorite Quote

This one I struggled with (hence not writing yesterday).  I couldn't think of many quotes, and the ones I could, I wouldn't call them my favorite.  For example, I love quote "You can be smart and happy or stupid and miserable" by President Hinckley, but I wouldn't call that my favorite.  Also, "Come what may and love it" is also a great one.  But my favorite...that would have to be...

"Happiness is the journey, not the destination"
(I tried to find the source of this quote but I found so many names, I'm just gonna leave it blank)

Only, I'm going to switch it up.  Happiness is BOTH the journey and the destination.  What we strive for every single day is eternal happiness.  To be with the ones we love and with our Father in Heaven.  Pure happiness.  But what good is that if we don't enjoy the ride?
I tend to focus on the result.  "After high school, then life will be perfect." Or "Once I'm married, everything will be great".  Even now, "Once we start a family...then my life is set".  I forget to live in the moment, to enjoy each and every day.  To enjoy high school and the friendships found there because most (and I mean most...basically all but one) have dwindled away.  Or to live it up in college, try my very best each day.  And now, to enjoy every day I have with my amazing husband.  I focus too much on the future and not enough on the present.
Happiness is not only the destination, but the journey as well.

Remember to take life as it comes to you.  Live each day.  Don't only focus on tomorrow or else you'll never live today.

This is happiness
Wait..uhh...I mean THIS is happiness


MegEveryday said...

LOVE the new blog layout!! it is super cute! how did you get cute font on EVERYTHING??!?!

Darren & Emily said...

I went to template designer and changed the font there. I could have sworn I only had like 5 choices...but when I was messing around with it yesterday, I found a whole bunch more!

David and Jessica said...

oo oo oo that one friend is.. ME! :)

Darren & Emily said...

Whatever makes you think that... :P