Five Years


Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4: A Favorite Television Program

I have always LOVED TV.  I remember watching Doug and Rugrats right before bed growing up, and having to run and brush my teeth and put on my pajamas during the commercials because the minute the clock hit 8:00, I was in bed.

All through middle school, my favorite was Boy Meets World.  Still love that show, and have seen every episode multiple times.  So funny!  Feeney!  Fuh uh uh eeeeeney!
Now my current favorite tv show, that's a tie between 2 shows.  I guess one isn't current anymore...but there are re-runs on every day and I LOVE it.  It's a hilarious show and I never get sick of it.  That would be...
Who doesn't love this show?

And finally, my current playing favorite show is of course
Who doesn't some evening drama?


MegEveryday said...

grey's would be my favorite right now too...IF THEY WOULD PLAY A NEW EPISODE!! hah. ps i remember watching those same shows growing up. they were great. :)

Darren & Emily said...

Seriously! I don't think there's a new episode till their "Musical" episode, whenever that is. Lame...